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FAQ - Body Mission Online Diet Manager


1. Questions about Registration and Login

Where can I get the access code for my Body Mission?

The access code is on the login flyer that you receive with your purchase of a Figu Active Body Mission Expert Program, a Figu Active Body Mission Flexi Program or a Figu Active 3 Month Body Mission. The login flyer is inserted in the cover of the Welcome Box.

Where and how can I register?

You can register on the site for free at There you will find the prompt "Register." Enter your personal access code there that you received with the login flyer. Then, enter your e-mail address and select a secure password that you do not use for any other portal. Then you can enter your personal data to complete your profile; you can use the page right away.

How can I log in again?

Go to and enter your e-mail address and the password you created, and click "login."

What should I do if I forgot my password?

On go to the login box for e-mail address and password, and click "Forgot Password". Your password will be reset and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Select a new secure password and confirm it. You can then easily log back in.


2. General questions

Why do I need the "personal diet coach"?

Your „personal diet coach“ supports you during your Body Mission. He organizes your diet: You get a personal nutrition plan and many recipes customized to your needs. Get some background infos about a successful diet and let us motivate you. Track you success and tell others about your experiences.

The page is not being properly displayed. What should I do?

Update your Internet browser. This is easily done via the service side of your respective provider. Also try it on your PC or Mac if you have problems with your smartphone or tablet.

How long is the personal access code valid?

The personal access code is valid indefinitely, but can only be used once. After you received your personal access code that came with Body Mission, you can create a profile that can be used continuously and without time limitation.

Can I transfer my personal access code with which I already created my profile?

Each personal access code can be used only once. It is best you recommend purchasing the Figu Active Body Expert Mission Program.

Can someone take over my profile?

Some of the data you entered on your profile cannot be changed. The BMI (Body Mass Index), for example, depends on this data; a number that will help you correctly evaluate your weight in relation to your height. A different person, therefore, cannot continue the Body Mission.

Do I have to count calories or observe anything else?

You do not have to count calories. It suffices if you use the Figu Active products and follow the diet plan. You will find more information about the diet at or in the brochure "Figu Active 28 days Body Mission".

What happens to the data I submit?

Your data is naturally subject to the Data Protection Act and may not be distributed.

What should I do if I do not want to continue with Body Mission?

You can delete all data in the menu Your Profile. You do not have to cancel.


3. Questions about the diet plan

How can I print the diet plan?

On each page you will find the respective diet available for download as a PDF file. Simply print it out and hang it up at home. In order to guarantee a smooth process, make sure that you have installed a PDF reader such as Adobe:

What recipes can I choose?

Choose your recipes according to your favorite flavor. It does not matter what you choose since they all fit into the diet concept.


4. Questions about tracking weight

When and how often should I enter my weight?

You should enter your weight every day. We recommend a fixed weighing schedule. For example, weigh yourself every morning after you get up and before you have had anything to eat or drink. You can weigh yourself less often too, but at least once a week. Should you forget, the Online Diet Manager will remind you.

Can I enter a defined target weight?

The design of the Online Diet Manager deliberately avoided a defined target weight. A diet is always individual and proceeds in certain stages. An entirely linear progression can rarely be expected; everyone loses weight differently.

How can I cancel the reminder emails?

Go to your profile and remove the check mark next to "accept e-mails."